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    I want to connect an oracle database in an ASP page (DSN less connection). So far i was using access database and had defined connection string in a,<BR>I included this file in my ASP page as<BR>&#060;!--#INCLUDE FILE=""--&#062;<BR>The connection string defined in above file is as follows.<BR>&#060;%<BR>strconn = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" & Server.MapPath("gunclubdb.mdb") & ";"<BR>%&#062;<BR>How can i do this procedure for oracle database.<BR>

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    you could ever want<BR>

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    Try to use interdev and use global.asa, in which you could define your connection string using application Variables. Interdev give you the choice to create a DSN using a wizard, with which you can choose "OLEDB Provider for Oracle".<BR><BR>That&#039;s it --- too easy

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