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    I would like to load the .NET framework on my PC, but my concern is with the compatibility with SQL 7.0.<BR><BR>I currently have Visual Studio 6 and SQL Server 7.0 Developer Edition installed on my PC. My concern is the data access component update required to run .NET is not compatible with SQL Server 7.0 clustered indexes (off the top of my head I think it&#039;s MDAC 2.7 ??).<BR><BR>Does anyone know if I install the data access update will I have problems if I want to continue using the SQL Server Developer Edition for prototyping? Or, can I simply reference the ADO 2.5 library in VB apps, and use the ADO 2.7 library for .NET apps? Likewise, are there any resulting compatibilty issues between ASP.NET and SQL Server 7.0 because of the data access components??<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Nick

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    I would wager dollars to donuts that you WON&#039;T have a problem. I am using SQL Server 2000 on my home computer and have ASP.NET installed too. I can run ASP pages that use ADO 2.5 just fine and ASP.NET pages that use ADO.NET just fine. Also, you can use Visual InterDev to develop ASP.NET Web pages (or Notepad, or Visual Studio .NET or whatever).<BR><BR>So, to conclude, I can&#039;t say for 100% certain that you won&#039;t run into problems (since I use SQL Server 2000, not 7.0), but I&#039;m 99% certain you won&#039;t. :-)

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