To get the general table structure and idea, ref earlier post (thanks Bill)<BR><BR><BR><BR>On a given product page there will be a large select menu (about 15 lines long, scrollable, with multi-select). This select menu will contain all of a users Categories and Subcategories, i.e.:<BR><BR>====================<BR>Produce<BR>.. .Fruits<BR>...Vegetables<BR>Meats<BR>...Poultry<BR >...Beef<BR>...Pork<BR>...etc.....<BR>============ ========<BR><BR>A user can associate a product so that it appears under any cat/sub cat, or more than one (so you&#039;ll find hamburger in Meats, Meats &#062; Beef, and....uh...Fruits. They do this by multi-selecting/deselecting the categories they wish.<BR><BR>My problem is this:<BR><BR>I need to figure out a clean way of keeping the links in the CatLinks and SubCatLinks tables up to date. As best I can tell, I could:<BR><BR>a) delete all of the users records in the CatLinks and SubCatLinks table, then INSERT the new selected cats (this seems horrible!)<BR><BR>b) store the ids of the currently selected values in the page, compare the changes after the user selects, and somehow only delete/update/insert what&#039;s necessary<BR><BR>c) uh, I ran out of ideas.<BR><BR>This gets sticky because each user could have, say 50 categories, each with 20 subcategories beneath it, OR MORE<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Adam<BR><BR>