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    Nath Guest

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    I have finished a web project(NT OS and IIS) and would like to know the next steps:<BR><BR>1. What should I do so that People can access my web site.<BR>2. Could some one tell me how to get the web site name (like .<BR><BR>I am totally blank on the steps to be taken care after the web project is developed.<BR>Thank You

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    Rich Pena Guest

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    You must then register a domain name with check to see if the selected name you want or company wants then. if it&#039s not then register it. there will be steps for you to take with Internic to set it up from there. You will have Internic point your dedicated IP(Web server IP)to your DNS records. That&#039s it have fun!!! you should be able to hit the site now if you aren&#039t behind a firewall, just type in the IP number if you have it setup on your NT DNS already, it just won&#039t be able to resolve by name out there just yet, until you register.<BR>

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    Nath Guest

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    Thank You for your reply.<BR>But could you tell me what is DNS means.<BR><BR>Is any procedure on the web the steps to follow for such assignment.<BR><BR>Thank you<BR>Nath

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    Rich Pena Guest

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    Yes most are I would stick with or and your backbone provider(ISP)can always help you out if you don&#039t have a DNS. I would recommend a full evening with an NT Server 4.0 Book on the DNS. It&#039s easy don&#039t be affraid of that stuff, once you get over that hump ASP is waiting for you. Make sure you are running management console 1.0 or IIS 4, for your NT system. If you don&#039t have DNS installed on your system then install it through your Network, Services, then add Domain Name Services. (DNS will resolve an Ip address to a Domain Name of your choice) read up on A records, NS records, cname records, and (mx records for exchange Server mail)

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