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    Nath Guest

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    I have finished a web project(NT OS and IIS) and would like to know the next steps:<BR><BR>1. What should I do so that People can access my web site.<BR>2. Could some one tell me how to get the web site name (like .<BR><BR>I am totally blank on the steps to be taken care after the web project is developed.<BR>Thank You<BR>

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    You need to move your project to an NT webhost. These guys "host" you site for a particular amount of money per month. You will also need to register a domain name through Network Solutions ( the web hsots can do this for you. A Domain Name costs $70/two years.<BR><BR>You can read about what to look for in a web host, and some recommended webhosts at:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Greg M. Guest

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    isnt he talking about getting a name servR to work so he can actually get a domain name. i dont think that he wants to go with those "other guys" since hes running pws on his own perfectly fine. BTW you might try<BR> and just get a mask for your hhomepage<BR>etc<BR> <BR>i think domain names are overrated if u can go w/o them

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