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    r0ach Guest

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    I am TRYING to write an ASP script for a local intranet, but i don&#039t know anything about ASP. How do i test it? Will it work on an Intranet?

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    Rich Pena Guest

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    If you are using a developer tool on the system then you want to either post it up to your production server in a testing directory or a developer server. Then run it from there. Your developer tools are going to open up the asp file for editing unless you change your mime format file associations. ASP Does work on Intranets

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    r0ach Guest

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    Thanx, but I still have a problem. Everytime I click a link to an ASP, my browser tries to download the file. Is this because of the mime file associations? If so, how can i disable them?

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    You have to have IIS installed with ASP. If you have that, you will have an HTTP:// address. You have to access the page through your HTTP:// address (i.e.- http://mycomputer/myFile/myPage.asp). This will stop it from downloading to being processed. To find your address double click on the IIS server icon in the lower right corner. That will give you the address (that may only work for PWS but give it a try. If using IIS go through the IIS manager).<BR><BR>Good Luck,<BR><BR>Brandon

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