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    Ok so I have this datatable with the following data<BR><BR>Img1<BR>Img2<BR>Img3<BR>Img4<BR>Img5<B R>Img6<BR>Img7<BR>Img8<BR>Img9<BR>Img10<BR><BR>as you can see only was one column<BR><BR>what I wnat to do is to use a data repeater to create the following HTML table<BR><BR>Img1 Img2 Img3 Img4<BR>Img5 Img6 Img7 Img8<BR>Img9 Img10<BR><BR>Can this be done with a data repeater or grid

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    I would use a datalist. It actually has a RepeatColumns attribute for that particular purpose, you can even specify repeat direction so that your results would come out:<BR><BR>Img1 Img2 Img3 Img4<BR>Img5 Img6 Img7 Img8<BR>Img9 Img10<BR><BR>OR<BR><BR>Img1 Img4 Img7 Img10<BR>Img2 Img5 Img8<BR>Img3 Img6 Img9<BR><BR>just by changing one attribute! Love it!

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