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    Hi<BR>I have References to 2 Type libraries<BR>Dim str As VB.OLE<BR>Dim str1 As WEBVWLib.ThumbCtl<BR><BR>By using a standard exe project file iam able to use<BR>Ole1.object.displayfile "C:xyz"<BR>where displayfile is a method of library WEBVWLib.ThumbCtl<BR><BR>When i choose a new project as Active X what i want to do is i want to use the property of VB.OLE and a method of WEBVWLib.ThumbCtl to get the required output.<BR><BR>How can i do this.<BR>Str.object is a property for VB.OLE<BR>str1.Displayfile is a method of WEBVWLib.ThumbCtl<BR>i want to use displayfile which consists of an argument such as a filename <BR><BR>How can i accomplish this<BR>Regards<BR>Prashant

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    Default Is this .NET?

    If so, try that forum.<BR><BR>If this is VB Programming, your still probably not where you need to be. A VB forum might help.<BR><BR>-Doug

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