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    Hello there<BR>I m a novice lost in the world of ASP ... I am trying to map a Fortran 90 exe with a browser. Each user after logging is assigned its own working folder . specifies the input file and gets the desired o/p file .<BR>here is a specimen :<BR><BR>&#060;%@ Language=VBScript %&#062;<BR>&#060;% Option Explicit %&#062;<BR>&#060;% dim command,opath,command1<BR> Response.Write "<BR>Command:" & Request.Form("Command") & "."<BR> Response.Write "<BR>input:" & Request.Form("input") & "."<BR> Response.Write "<BR>output:" & Request.Form("outputfile") & "."<BR> dim ipath<BR> ipath=server.mappath("input")&"\"& Request.Form("input")<BR> opath=server.mappath("output")&"\"& Request.Form("outputfile")<BR> command=Request.Form("Command")&" "& ipath &" "& opath<BR> Response.Write "<BR>command:"&command<BR> command1=Request.Form("Command")&" &#039;"&ipath &"&#039; &#039;"&opath&"&#039;"<BR> Response.Write "<BR>command1:"&command1<BR>&#039; on error resume next<BR> dim UtilsObj<BR> Set UtilsObj = server.CreateObject("ASUUtilsLibrary.ASUUtils")<BR > UtilsObj.ExecuteCommand(command)<BR><BR> set UtilsObj = nothing<BR> Response.Redirect "output/"<BR> <BR>%&#062;<BR>could you pls tell me why is this not connecting with my exe despite the fact dll is working fine<BR>thankx<BR>sumeet

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    No idea what ASUUtilsLibrary.ASUUtils is or is doing.<BR><BR>Do these lines give you the expeted output:<BR><BR>command=Request.Form("Command")&" "& ipath &" "& opath<BR>Response.Write "&#060;P&#062;command:"&command<BR>command1=Reques t.Form("Command")&" &#039;"&ipath &"&#039; &#039;"&opath&"&#039;"<BR>Response.Write "&#060;P&#062;command1:"&command1<BR><BR>???<BR><B R>If they do, it&#039;s time to take it up with whomever supplied that ASUUtils library.<BR><BR>

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