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    I have nested 3 frames within a frame.<BR>The contents of each frame are dependant on the value of Session variables. <BR>For the on change event of an input in one of the frames I submit the page in that frame and change the session variable value. The page reloads reflecting the change in the session value.<BR>I need to reload the other 2 frames so that they reflect the change in the sesion variable. I have tried all sorts of javascript and wondered if there was anyway of doing it through ASP? <BR>So Please either a straightforward "NO. You dope!" or a reasonably detailed explanation if one exisits as I am off home!<BR><BR>I have tried submitting to the parent frame etc .....

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    Default Javascript is the way...

    ASP doesn&#039;t know that the frames even exist.<BR><BR>Why can&#039;t you do something like:<BR>parent.frameName.document.location.reload ();<BR><BR>If it is nested do:<BR>parent.parent.frameName.document.location.r eload();<BR><BR>-Doug

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