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    Default Simple Question on C#

    I am at the point of time considering moving over from VB to C#. <BR>Can someone tell me what C# is -- Is it very similar to Microsoft&#039;s C++? Also, if possible, what is the difference between C# and Java. <BR><BR>Sorry for the simple question.<BR><BR>

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    Default It is closer to C++ and Java than VB

    C# runs under the .NET runtime (common language runtime) and Java has its own.<BR><BR>From a coding perspective, they are similar (I say this loosely as there are many differences). While I&#039;m not an experience Java programmer, I&#039;d say the transition wouldn&#039;t be particularly difficult.<BR><BR>.NET runs on Windows machines with the runtime installed. I believe they may have ported the runtime to Linux but I&#039;m not<BR>sure whether that is out of Beta yet.

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