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    I have comments from a few people not able to read the javascripts on my site. <BR><BR>Which browsers dont support Javascript? Should I provide an alternative?<BR><BR>Also, someone from behind a government firewall said they had javascripts disabled as a policy. Is that likely to be true?<BR><BR>

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    pretty much every up-to-date web browser *supports* javascript. some people have severe cases of paranoia and switch it off, even though it&#039;s pretty much impossible for it to do much damage. morte likely they just don&#039;t like popups. I wouldn&#039;t have a no javascript policy, but I have seen them in place at some organisations. usually they are places with a &#039;no web use for leisure&#039; policy too. <BR><BR>what browsers are these people using? are they behind firewalls which disallow javascript or .js extensions?<BR><BR>j<BR><BR><BR>

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