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    Hi <BR>I just wanted to know how good it would be to do a web site in asp and my sql as the back good would the performance of mysql be?can it handle a lot of client requests together?

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    Totally depends how much memory your server has. If you&#039;re running a pentium 75 with 4 megs of memory with windows 2000 advanced server and every plugin installed and running, and as a network server with 1000 clients connected, plus it runs your intellegent phone system, as well as being a network print server then it&#039;s gonna be crap. I must say though Sequal Server 2000 and ASP go together like bread and butter and really have staggered me with the performance, but then again so had MSAccess on occasion (we implemented an e-commerce site with access and it takes over £10000, through about 1000 orders, per day with out ever falling over!)

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    It depends what OS you are running it on. ASP with MySQL will run fine on Chili!Soft ASP, as well as on an NT box (I think).<BR><BR>MySQL is VERY scalable for a free product, and the Windows system is very memory-friendly. Trust me, you&#039;ll have to do a LOT to overload it. Be nice and close and destroy your connections, and it&#039;ll be even harder for the thing to fall over.<BR><BR>Since the most basic license of SQL Server starts at aroun £4k, up to £8k, I can&#039;t help but recommend MySQL.<BR><BR>Craig.

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