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Thread: Integrating ICQ/MSN in website

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    Default Integrating ICQ/MSN in website

    Does anybody know how to integrate ICQ/MSN within a website??? <BR><BR>Thanx, Doki

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    ICQ... There&#039;s an entire section on the ICQ website about how you can integrate ICQ with a website. However, you&#039;ll probably find its functionality rather limited.<BR><BR>If you were really brave, you could even download the ICQ API and create a program to use it. I tried, but the DLL seems to be a C++ DLL and cannot be called from within VB, so don&#039;t get any hopes up of ASP integrating with it.<BR><BR>As for MSN, the choices are rather more limited. However, you may want to look at the security problems outlined on MSNBC this morning, or for a practical example, on (news section on the right).<BR><BR>There&#039;s no information on EXCATLY how to do it, but that kind of stuff is always around.<BR><BR>Craig.

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