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    Default Need help with DSN

    After updating ADO to the latest version on win2k, my dsn will no longer work, they are still there but the sever says he cannot find them. Tried repairing the DSN but din&#039;t fix it, delete them en made them all over also didn&#039;t fix it, every time I tried something I restarted IIS.<BR><BR>Hope someone can help me, <BR>Viper

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    Default how about giving us some more info

    When you say your DSN no longer works, I&#039;m assuming you are trying it from an ASP page? Have you tried a DSN-less connection? Have you tried creating a new DSN? Are you getting a specific error message? What kind of datasource/database are you connecting to?<BR><BR>You have to provide us with some more info if we&#039;re going to help you ; )<BR><BR>Pete<BR><BR>P.S. I&#039;m not as psychic as some of the others on this board

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