Now I realize that y&#039all are probably pretty tired of seeing these type of questions from me. Seeing as how the norm is to write ASP pages in VBScript, but I like JavaScript and I&#039ll stick with it until I die if I have to. So here is my next question in the series...<BR>How do I write this statement in JavaScript?<BR><BR>for each SubKey in Request.Form("chkPeriph")<BR> redim preserve aryPeripherals(intPeriphCount + 1)<BR> intPeriphCount = intPeriphCount + 1<BR> aryPeripherals(intPeriphCount) = Request.Form _ ("chkPeriph") (intPeriphCount)<BR>next<BR><BR>The Line "Peripherals(intPeriphCount) = Request.Form _ ("chkPeriph")(intPeriphCount)" was the one that I had particular problems with. I tried to write it like this (in JScript):<BR>for (i=0; i==Rerquest.Form("chkPeriph").Count; i++){<BR> Peripherals[i]=Request.Form("chkPeriph")(i);<BR>}