you think it would be possible to shell out to a relatively complicated windows form while not logged on to a windows 2000 box? <BR>i have tested shelling out to a dummy form that i made. i shell out to it with a service and tell the winform to create a text file (without being logged on) then browse across the network and view the newly created text file. what i&#039;m thinking though is taht the only thing that might have errored there was system.drawing (not being able to draw a form because of explorer not being loaded) AND that considering explorer is the shell it would quite hard to run a shell command to a non-existant shell. well for the second reason i managed to find out about how explorer raelly does run, in fact it&#039;s quite possible to shell out to explorer when you&#039;re not logged on because it is running. mad one. but the second problem is how does system.drawing not error? i mean it tries to initialize the form and create the form and buttons etc, but it&#039;s not actually running the process?!? once you log in, the form isn&#039;t there, although it has executed (on form load it makes a text file). any ideas on running NT services on windows 2000 and shelling out to winforms? thoughts appreciated.<BR><BR>Jonny Tooze