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    very basic question,<BR>I would like to know if there is anything as urlencode in javascript.<BR><BR>Coz as i pass values using querystrings, only first part of the data goes to the next page.<BR><BR>code:<BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="txtContactName" VALUE=&#039;Once Upon a Time&#039; &#062;<BR>....<BR> txtboxvalue=document.frmCallform.txtContactName.va lue<BR> winAtts="toolbar=no,directories=no,top=300";<BR> myChild = window.open("../search/intermediate_search.asp?txtboxvalue="+txtboxvalue+ ","child",winAtts);<BR> <BR>Thanx<BR>uc

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    yeah - <BR><BR>escape <BR><BR>and<BR><BR>unescape

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