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    Mark Molenaar Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I try to check dates the following way:<BR>if isDate(startdate) and isDate(enddate) and startdate &#060; enddate then...<BR>This seemed to work, but it doesn&#039t, what am I doing wrong?<BR>thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Mark.

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    try something to the effect of:<BR><BR><BR>if isDate(startDate) and isDate(endDate) then<BR>&#039 --&#062; this is so the cDates can&#039t possibly crash you if<BR>&#039 one of your isDate&#039s isn&#039t a date.<BR> if cDate(startDate) &#060; cDate(endDate) then<BR> ...<BR><BR>You can unstep them (one "if" like what you had), but if one of your dates isn&#039t a date, it might generate a runtime error.

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