Guys,<BR><BR>I am back looking at a problem that I have looked at in the past but have never implemented a solution to. I have a site that is developed in ASP and I want all the pages within this site to be referenced by search engine spiders.<BR><BR>However, most search engines do not index dynamically generated sites. They will look at the URL and if it contains any &#039;?&#039; they will not index it. This is obviously a big problem.<BR><BR>Over the weekend I found one solution that a number of sites use, I think Amazon uses something very similar to this. The solution, called XQASP, can be seen at<BR><BR><BR><BR>Basically this is a DLL which you install on the server. It automatically changes the querystring, replaces all the ?&#039;s in a querystring with /&#039;s. This way spiders will come into the site and index it. The DLL ensures that pages, links etc still function correctly.<BR><BR>However, I hear that some changes have to be made to the way one programs a site, so as to use this DLL. For example, you have to use the physical path of images or reference images in relation to the root directory.<BR><BR>I was wondering if anyone had used this, or a similar solution. If so, how did you find it and what changes did you need to make to your site in order to incorporate it?<BR><BR>Many thanks,<BR><BR>Ross