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    When I try to insert a record to an access database I receive a dreaded "500" error. The code works fine until I try to actually run a dbConn.Execute(SQLstring) command.<BR><BR>It is a simple member database table called login, with 4 fields;<BR>User - (Primary key, text)<BR>Password - (text)<BR>SecurityLevel - (number)<BR>Email - (text)<BR><BR>I format the SQL string as ...<BR>INSERT INTO login (User, Password, SecurityLevel, Email)<BR>VALUES (&#039;username&#039;, &#039;password&#039;, SecLev, &#039;E-mail&#039;);<BR><BR>I am able to perform selects, updates and deletes without any problem.<BR><BR>Is there something I am missing when trying to insert ? <BR>Does Access 2000 have some "undocumented feature" concerning inserts ?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>-Kreij<BR>

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    Default Reserved words

    password is a reserved words when using the JET OLEDB provider.<BR><BR>Preferably you could change it or otherwise<BR><BR>INSERT INTO login (User, [Password], SecurityLevel, Email)<BR>VALUES (&#039;username&#039;, &#039;password&#039;, SecLev, &#039;E-mail&#039;)<BR><BR>You can get more informative (well, sometimes) messages if you uncheck the show user-friendly http error messages box in<BR><BR>tools -&#062; Internet options -&#062; advanced

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