A few days ago I posted a problem about customers (new and old) sometimes experiencing problems where they are not able to view shipping options pulled from an Access database. It turns out that this problem does not manifest itself with Netscape, but only shows up (and only once in a while) with IE4, IE5, and IE6. These browser versions for some reason or another mangle and corrupt the cookies. The fellow who wrote the code thinks the problem is a result of splitting up the cookie - one to record item info, and the other to record client info. The original intention was to stay within the size limitations of cookies (if there is one) and to save client info (but not items ordered info) between orders. Naturally I would have preferred to paste the culprit code here for you guys to help me debug, but the fellow who wrote the code says that the specific code that applies to this situation is spread over several files, and therefore cannot simply be "cut and pasted" here for your review. We need help urgently. Any ideas on where to look, how to begin, etc..? Thank you.