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Thread: Need extreme help ASAP.

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    I&#039;m in a teriible situation right now. I have a project that is due and very near completion. The thing is, my personal situation in life has taken an almost unrecoverable turn for the worst. I&#039;m trying to fix up my code, but end up only making more mistakes. I&#039;m at a point where this project needs to get done, and i just can&#039;t seem to finish it. Now I&#039;m sure this isn&#039;t really the place to post this, but I&#039;m in a dire situation. What can you do to help, if you&#039;re still reading, is help me finish my project. There is not a lot more work to be done, Maybe a couple of hours. It is a small ecommerce site, with a shoping cart, there is no ssl, credit card processing. It&#039;s very basic, but my mind is seriously jumbled. I am willing to pay app. $20/hr(CAD) I wouldn&#039;t ask this if I could finish it myself but I don&#039;t know where to turn at this point. If you have any interest in helping me please contact me at <BR><BR><BR><BR>I will give you ftp access and anything else you need. If you feel that the pay is stingy, offer me something else, and I&#039;ll see what I can do.<BR><BR>Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day.

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    Welcome to the club!<BR>How many problems are you having? how much code do you have? and what type of problems are you having?

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