Hi Everybody !<BR><BR> I have to create a word document that contains data that is stored in a database when a user clicks HTML link.<BR><BR> I created a VB DLL to accomplish this. In this DLL I have used the word object msword8.olb. It is also requires that the data come is a specific format (according to a template). This dll opens the word application then opens the template fills the data from the database and saves it with a different name <BR><BR>The template contains Images, Tables and Objects like Lines and Textboxes that need to be created<BR><BR>There are two problems <BR>1. First the component utilizes 100% of the CPU process<BR>2. MS word should be installed on the server <BR><BR>Is there any method that can be used that without word being installed on the server we can create a document that meets all the requirements like Tables and images etc.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Abhishek