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    I am trying to send an ASPmail HTML mailing.<BR><BR>All my .&#039;s are replaced with =2E<BR><BR>Also, no hyperlinks are formatting.<BR>Any idea why?

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    Default I know what but not why...

    =2E means that the . is being converted to its hexadecimal ASCII value: 0x2E (JS, or &H2E VBS, or %2E in a query string) is the value of a period when converted to ASCII.<BR><BR>That is, in VBS code: <BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; Response.Write Hex( Asc( "." ) )<BR>will show you<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; 2E<BR><BR>I have seen many many many emailers convert characters<BR>like this. But I have no idea how to make the specific<BR>emailer that you are using avoid that.<BR><BR>

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