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    Hi,<BR><BR>Last week we created a new ASP application running on IIS 4. One of the procedure in this application writes some information to a text file on network server. Everything was working fine last week. This week web admin enabled Windows NT Challenge/Response Authentication for this project on IIS. Now the application is having problem to access txt file on the network sever. It is giving error "Permission Denied" message. I was wondering why the web sever/ application lost access to network sever when Windows NT Challenge/Response Authentication is enabled. Any ideas ?<BR><BR>THANKS

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    Unless they have allowed anonymous users when setting up the Chap protocol you will have to ensure that your NT user name and psw get sent when you access the web site. To do this go into Internet Options under Security ---&#062; Custom Level and down the bottom under User Authentification click on one of the Automatic Logon with User/Psw (which ever is appropriate). This would then send your NT profile through and hopefully allow you access the text file. Give it a go and see if it helps

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