XML, IE 5, IIS 5 - should work ?

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Thread: XML, IE 5, IIS 5 - should work ?

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    Hi.<BR><BR>I use Windows XP Pro (IE6) with PWS/IIS 5.1, Microsoft XML 3.0 at home where I developed an ASP page that creates some XML and then XSLT is used clientside to transform it to HTML.<BR>But when I go to my office where the server runs Windows 2000 Server (IE 5 - which supports XSLT right ? -, IIS 5, Microsoft XML 3.0), it just does not display it correctly : I do not know the reason, but it seems that XSLT is not understood by the server, or maybe it&#039;s something else, I do not know - it seems not to understand basic XSL elements such as &#060;xsl:if&#062;, &#060;xsl:for-each&#062;, &#060;xsl:choose&#062;, &#060;xsl:element&#062;, &#060;xsl:attribute&#062;.<BR><BR>Knowing that I also tried to do the transformation serverside, and that it did not work either, mabe someone can help ?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot<BR><BR>CCM

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    Default 5.5

    My first instinct would be that you will need IE5.5 at a minimum.<BR>

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