I don&#039;t know much about COM or COM+, and I am probably posting in the wrong are for this... but oh well...<BR><BR>I am running an Intranet that has PHP and mySQL backend. Before crapping on my thread, here is my reasoning..<BR><BR>1. PHP/mySQL is portable across many platforms<BR>2. the server I am running it on is Unix and doesn&#039;t support ASP<BR>3. PHP is more powerful than ASP and faster<BR>4. PHP can do almost anything, including calling COM dlls<BR><BR>Anyways...<BR><BR>What I am doing...<BR><BR>I created an application which uploads resumes which are in MS Word format, and I want to do a search in the resumes. I am able to do searches against some file types, but not Word documents.<BR><BR>Is there a way to do a search on the contents of MS Word files using COM or COM+?<BR><BR>Is a MS Word document a binary file or ACSII?<BR><BR>If not, what does this?<BR><BR>Thanks for not crapping..<BR><BR>And thanks for your help, any is appreciated