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Thread: Netscape not processing script correctly

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    Default Netscape not processing script correctly

    There are 2 SQL lookups for the script. One looks up the user information based on a querystring. The other looks up other information based on a different querystring.<BR><BR>The first writes the data into static read-only field, while the latter, writes the data to editable fields.<BR><BR>The latter works, but the former does not.<BR><BR>Ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Scott

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    Default Read the NS docs...

    Assuming you are talking about NS 4.x browser...<BR><BR>There is no such thing as a "readonly" or "disabled" field in NS 4.x. Period.<BR><BR>The obvious answer is to *not* use a field. Just put the data directly into HTML, which of course is readonly.<BR><BR>If, for some reason, it *must* go into a form field, then the best you can do is something like this:<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT ... VALUE="&#060;% = RS("whatever") %&#062;" onFocus="this.form.OtherField.focus();"&#062;<BR>< BR>As soon as the field receives focus from the user, move the focus to another (*non* read-only) field.<BR><BR>If you are going to try to write cross-browser HTML, you really need to study the docs for all the browsers you want to support.<BR><BR>

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