This is a strange one that has been hanging me up. When I am attempting to attach certain .pdf files in ASP.NET, it will corrupt the chart images giving me errors like: <BR><BR>There was an error processing a page. There was a problem reading this document (114)<BR>Insufficent Data for Image<BR>Illegal operation &#039;h&#039; inside a text document<BR><BR>The text portion seems to come out fine though. This processes without error in our current delivery system running in ASP and the ASP.NET system doesn&#039;t seem to have this problem with other .pdf documents or other files. I&#039;m thinking this issue must reside in the MailEncoding because when it set it to MailEncoding.UUEncode these error messages don&#039;t occur (other problems do arise though with the attachment getting stripped off and appended as trash at the end of the message when sent to certain mail accounts). I currently have it set as follows:<BR><BR>MailAttachment attach = new MailAttachment(strFilePath1, MailEncoding.Base64);<BR>objMessage.Attachments.Ad d(attach);<BR><BR>Any thoughts on why this corruption under Base64 might be occuring or any way to get around this? <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>-Mark