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    I am trying to switch to a new hosting company because they give me more space, higher monthly transfer limit, cheaper prices and are in my home country but they are so tight on security that it is screwing me up.<BR><BR>I run a pretty large site at which is a large member sharing website with members uploading pictures and posting articles. I used the ASP script for scalling images which uses File System Objects. My new provider doesn&#039;t support that for security issues. I then went to Perl to see if I could find the answer and I did in a custom GD library. Well the service provider doesn&#039;t want to support that one either.<BR><BR>If I could possibly pull the resolution information out of a file without using the Perl GD library or the FSO then it would make my life soooo much simpler. <BR><BR>Oh yeah, I was even going to buy a commercial component to do the image scalling and no go there either. That is not the secure way to go. :)<BR><BR>PLEASE HELP! Email me if possible at with your recommendations if you have any.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Screw that provider...

    If you don&#039;t have FSO capability there are just too many things you can&#039;t do, in my opinion. Find another provider.<BR><BR>Check out, for example. We use them; I won&#039;t say they are great, but it&#039;s good value for the money.<BR><BR>

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