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Thread: SQL Server 6.5 and "Always open"

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    I am working on writing a web based SQL Server 6.5 HelpDesk application for work and am about 85% complete. The techs are currently using an Access 3.0 db for their HelpDesk app. and it has over 44,000 records in it dated back to 1999. It is rather slow and not updateable.<BR><BR>The application UI is written in VB and they are asking me if the NEW SQL Server web based app. will be able to be "Always open" where they can just stay in it all day long. They are used to just having it the Access HelpDesk open at all times and adding calls to it periodically. <BR><BR>Most of the other web based apps that I have written have a Session timeout of about 20-30 minutes where it will log you off if you are not doing anything. You would then have to log back in. My question is: will it hurt anything and corrupt the database if I allow all 8 users to "always" have the app. open and hitting the SQL Server database? Will it become corrupt? There are other tables in the database and other apps. hit it throughout the day as well.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    Default open all hours!

    I&#039;m not sure what you mean. Each asp page should have a connection to the database that opens and closes to collect the data. The connection does not need to be "open" all the time...

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