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    Newbie here. bear with me.<BR>I&#039;ve installed PWS on my computer. I have the index.asp and stuff.. really really simple pages. I also have my own IP address, since I&#039;ve got a cable connection, so i can put up my own pages there &#039;n&#039; stuff like that.<BR>I&#039;d like someone to comment on the "security" provided by PWS... or is that a matter for me to take care of? <BR>

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    Default It isn't rally an issue.

    PWS doesn&#039;t have most of the functionality of IIS, hence, it doesn&#039;t have most of the security issues either. Assuming....You&#039;re running a Win9x machine, no?<BR><BR>If you&#039;re on a cable modem, you should be using a firewall anyway, so PWS really shouldn&#039;t present any additional issues.

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