Aaaah! I just want to run a database on-line! Plea

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Thread: Aaaah! I just want to run a database on-line! Plea

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    I am a web-designer, focusing mainly on graphic design and small-scale projects. Recently several of my clients have wanted to place catalogues on-line using asp-style links to databases.<BR><BR>I, of course, want to be able to meet these needs (and attract future business), but after wading through page after page of "introduction to asp" type stuff I am still unclear about several things.<BR><BR>1. A lot of places have said that Microsoft Internet Explorer is somehow necessary for running (viewing?) asp pages. But I can see them in Netscape, so what exactly are they talking about?<BR><BR>2. I have an Access 97 database and Frontpage 2000. I want to create a simple system that retrieves specific information (not searchable) from the database and uses it to create web pages on the fly... this CAN&#039T be that hard, can it?<BR><BR>3. What exactly does it mean that my server has to "have asp running on it", "support asp", etc. etc. Is this anything to do with my individual account, or is it a characteristic of the server as a whole?<BR><BR>Any answers or other useful links or words of wisdom would be *much* appreciated.<BR><BR>Paul<BR><BR>bullocktp@hotmail. com

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    1. ASP is a server based technology. Scripts are executed on the server and displayed on the client(IE and Netscape). As long as the server processes ASP and client that processes HTML can be used. ASP is available on IIS & NT Servers and also available on Unix servers with add ons.<BR><BR>2. To learn how to link a database to a web page in the NT enviroment try "Active Server Pages for Dummies", then "Beginning ASP Databases".<BR><BR>3. IIS support ASP. So does some other web server on NT and now more recently, I heard, also on Linux Servers with add ons.<BR><BR>

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