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    But based on what they select<BR>(the IP applies to more than 1 Site)<BR>in this select box <BR><BR>Site Site<BR>10 Adelaide<BR>3 Brisbane<BR>11 BRS IBMGSA<BR>20 BRS IBMGSA Ethernet<BR>9 Canberra<BR>22 Craigieburn<BR>17 EUROPEAN REP.<BR>2 Melbourne<BR>16 NEW YORK REP.<BR>8 Perth<BR>1 Sydney<BR><BR>They get <BR><BR>Site Network<BR>1<BR>1<BR>2<BR>3<BR>8<BR>9<BR>10<BR>11<BR>20<BR>1<BR>22<BR>3<BR>8<BR>1<BR>1<BR>16<BR>17<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>11<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1<BR>1

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    Default Don't start a new thread...

    You&#039;ve been around long enough to know the rules.<BR><BR>Two hours, minimum, before reposting. Okay?<BR><BR>I will answer in original thread.<BR><BR>

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