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Thread: Form passed numbers as string?

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    Default Form passed numbers as string?

    Either my form is passing the numbers as strings -or- my vbscript is converting the pass variables to strings. It is causeing me a "Data type mismatch in criteria expression"<BR>Upon using<BR>var = request.form("passed_var") &#060;-- I need this to be a number<BR>When I tried just<BR>var = 1 the script worked perfectly. What am I doing wrong here, thanks for the help.

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    Anything passed by the request (form or querystring) collection is converted to a string. You have to convert it to a number on the next page<BR>ie.<BR>myNumber = CDbl(Request("FormFieldName"))

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    Default *ALL* Request values are strings

    Always.<BR><BR>Request.Form("xxx")<BR>Request.Quer yString("YYY")<BR>Request.Cookies("xzzz")<BR>Reque st.ServerVariables("nnn")<BR><BR>Those *always* return *only* strings.<BR><BR>If you need it to be a number, "convert" it using one of VBS&#039;s built-in conversion functions:<BR><BR>CINT<BR>CDBL<BR>CLNG<BR>CSGL<BR> CSTR<BR>CBOOL<BR>CDATE<BR><BR>etc.<BR><BR>I recommend you avoid CINT and CSGL, since they both impose limits on the numbers and gain zero in performance or memory usage. CLNG for getting integers and CDBL for getting numbers with decimal points are the functions of choice.<BR><BR>intVar = CLNG( Request.Form("xxx") )<BR>or<BR>numVar = CDBL( Request.Form("xxx") )<BR>

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