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    when i reach the 10th page I insert the values in the parts table. then i come to the print page. In the print page I use recordsets and I fill the page with values like.... <BR><BR>"Part_Category" = &#060;%=RS("Part_Category ")%&#062; <BR>"Part_Hardware_Product_Line" = &#060;%=RS("Part_Hardware_Product_Line ")%&#062; <BR>"Part_Manufacturing_Division" = &#060;%=RS("Part_Manufacturing_Division ")%&#062; <BR>"Part_Warranty_Days" = &#060;%=RS("Part_Warranty_Days ")%&#062; <BR>"Part_Price_Guide" = &#060;%=RS("Part_Price_Guide ")%&#062; <BR>"Part_Standard_Cost" = &#060;%=RS("Part_Standard_Cost")%&#062; and so on ....till 200th field <BR><BR>etc etc......... <BR><BR>I have a NEXT button which takes me to the next page which contains the second row and so on till i reach the last or 50th page....What would be the logic for showing this 50 records one by one in each page? I mean when I click NEXT button the same page should come again but this time with the data of the second row and so on? How to accomplish this? <BR><BR>Is there any way where I can print all the 50 pages at one click and i would not need to browse through each page one by one and click print? <BR>

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    I think you should look into paging result, that&#039;s when you show say 10 records on each page, with next and previous buttons.<BR><BR>www.4guysfromrolla.com has some articles on paging, do a search there

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