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    Jason Gardy Guest

    Default PWS/Access Connectivity problem

    Ladies and Gentlemen:<BR><BR>I work for a small newspaper with little by way of resources, and am tasked with developing a fairly cheap in-house publishing system (oh, did I mention, I am a neophyte programmer?). I have chosen ASP coupled with a database system to deliver content. I am developing in Win98 with Access, running PWS. I have been using PWS to interpret my ASP with no problem, I run into problems after accessing any ODBC DSN (Access DB) connection in an ASP page. <BR><BR>After I access any ASP page with an DB connection in it, PWS inexplicably seems to lock up (for lack of a better term). After that, any ASP page that I attempt to open (with database connectivity in it or not) refuses to render. It almost seems as if the ASP engine is processing something, but I can&#039t figure out what.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated...<BR><BR>Jason

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    Jon Guest

    Default I suffered this too. Someone please help

    And it doesn&#039t allow Refresh or Reload. Everytime I need to reboot my machine. But it seems working well the very first time I load the page.<BR><BR>I didn&#039t forget .close<BR>Nor any other program&#039s accessing the .mdb file.<BR><BR>Someone please help.

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    Karl R Guest

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    Could be a problem with the DB drivers. I understand that you need a very late version to use Access due to the fact that MS designed the drivers in a non-re-entrant way...not a good idea for a web server!<BR><BR>I can&#039t remember which version you need, but if you hunt around I&#039m sure that you&#039ll find a reference.

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    Jason Gardy Guest

    Default RE: PWS/Access Connectivity problem

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Karl...<BR><BR>I performed a host of version updates including the following:<BR><BR>Upgraded Office97 with SR-2b pack<BR>Updated my data access model to MDAC 2.1.2 (GA)<BR>Updated the Jet 4.0 DB engine (came with MDAC 2.1.2) with SR-3 patch<BR>Updated the ODBC drivers to level 3.5<BR><BR>In a few trial runs using ASP to connect to an Access DB, I have had no problems with the ASP engine acting "busy"<BR><BR>Thanks again..<BR><BR>Jay

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