Hi every1,<BR>i have an access 97 database and am having troublew connecting to it. im getting the following error.<BR><BR>the connection has been working fine but now something has happened, the code works fine on PWS windows 98 ie connects to the dsatabase but not on the host mainserver.<BR><BR>i have repaired,created new test databases but still get the same error.<BR><BR>i know the server can see the database because when i remove the database i get a &#039;file not found error.<BR><BR>can somebody help me please as i need to go live in a couple of days.<BR><BR>--------<BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR><BR>Cannot open database &#039;&#039;. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt. <BR><BR>