I&#039;m creatin a mobile web application that interacts with an aparthment threaded COM component (FoxPro dll). So i needed to specify aspcompat=true in the page directive of my mobile page. <BR><BR>I also want to use the Session_OnStart method of my global.asax.vb to create an instance of the dll. That didn&#039;t work because the global.asax file doesn&#039;t specify aspcompat=true. So, I can only instantiate the dll in my .aspx file. <BR><BR>I have two questions :<BR>=&#062; Can I instantiate an aparthment threaded dll in the Session_OnStart of my global.asax file? <BR>=&#062;And if not, can I specify the Session_OnStart in the script section of my .aspx page (I tried this but that didn&#039;t work)?