Hello,<BR><BR>I am building a corporate intranet, and since I know that a large amount of people will visit using IE 5, I&#039m trying to implement the VCard property.<BR>But for some weird reason, I can&#039t get it to work.<BR>I use the following statement:<BR>&#060;input type="text" name="txtMail" ID="txtMail" VCARD_NAME ="vCard.Email"&#062;<BR>This should work, but does not.<BR>The funny thing is, if I change my "name" value to the name of the input box from another website (like name="query" or name="email") it does work, and a list of choices pops up.<BR>I can&#039t find any VCard info in the source of their page.<BR>I have also tried VCARD.NAME = "vCard.Email" and VCARD_NAME = "vCard_Email because it seems that MS changed the )_ to a .<BR>I have tested this both on IE5 on Windows 2000 RC2 and on IE5 on Winnt 4<BR><BR>Any suggestions???<BR><BR>Imar<BR><BR>