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    I want to create an ASP page in which the user can click on a button, and a Directory List Box will appear. I am thinking of a box similar to the Dirctory List Box control found in VB, or one that appears when you want to save an image from a web page by right-clicking it and then selecting "Save Picture As...". I want to give a user the ability to view the directory tree on a computer in order to select certain files and move to other directories. Is this even possible from ASP?

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    Default For which computer?

    For the Web server? Sure. ASPFAQs, category FileSystemObject.<BR><BR>On the user&#039;s computer? No. Unless you can convince a few idiots to allow you to use an ActiveX control on their machine. You know, one of those things that can erase the entire contents of their disk.<BR><BR>On another computer? No.<BR><BR>

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