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    I have a date/time field in a SQL server database. I only have the time entered into the field name tmeTemp, but when I do a select query on a specific time I get no results... <BR>the values are 12:00:01 AM and 12:59:00 AM.... <BR><BR>select * from tblName <BR>WHERE tmetemp BETWEEN &#039;12:00:00 AM&#039; AND &#039;1:00:00 PM&#039; <BR>didn&#039;t work and... <BR><BR>select * from tblName <BR>WHERE tmetemp = &#039;12:01:00 AM&#039;<BR>didn&#039;t work either but...<BR><BR>select * from tblName <BR>WHERE tmetemp &#060;= GETDATE() <BR>did work... <BR><BR>is there any special syntax or something I am missing? <BR>I want to be able to run this through asp, I think it just might be a syntax problem, but I am not sure...<BR>any help would be appreciated...<BR><BR>thanx, <BR><BR>nick

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    Default What is the value of tmeTemp?

    select top 5 tmeTemp from tblName<BR><BR>What are the values?<BR><BR>-Doug

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