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Thread: set up dsn with database in another computer

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    Hi Everyone,<BR><BR><BR>My web server is in one computer and my oracle database is in another computer. How can I set up DSN in order to access database from web page? Do I have to set it up in the web server? Could someone give me a simple example? Thanks a lot.<BR><BR>

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    Bring up the ODBC settings panel from within the Control Panel.<BR><BR>Click on the "System DSN" tab.<BR><BR>Click on the "Add" button.<BR><BR>Scroll down in the list of drivers available until you find the driver for Oracle. You can use either the one that MS provides or, *I think*, a somewhat more specific one that Oracle provides, if you have installed it.<BR><BR>Then fill in all the fields that you are asked for. <BR><BR>Most importantly, give this DSN connection a name you can remember (e.g., "OracleOnComputerXYZ" if it&#039;s running on some other machine? But even "MyOracleDSN" is fine. It&#039;s really up to you.)<BR><BR>Now, all you have to do is use that DSN when you open an ADODB.Connection in your ASP code.<BR><BR>If you supply both username and password to the DSN setup, you don&#039;t need to provide them in ASP. If you don&#039;t, you&#039;ll have to give them as part of the ADODB.Connection.Open call. See the docs for it.<BR><BR>

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