You&#039;ll probably find it works if you hit the server using an IP or using the domain name (, but sub domains (e.g. don&#039;t store the cookie.<BR><BR>Why? Is this a coding issue or a server issue? Any ideas on how to resolve this? This has only started happening since installing a recent update to IE.<BR><BR>Help would be appreciated!<BR><BR>The code:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>returning="true"<BR>If Request.Cookies("returning") &#060;&#062; "true" THEN<BR> Response.Cookies("returning")="true"<BR> Response.Cookies("returning").Expires="Feb 15, 2002" <BR> Response.write Request.Cookies("returning")<BR> <BR> returning = "false"<BR>END IF<BR>Response.write "returning="&returning<BR>%&#062;