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    Hi, I am using CDONTS to send a newsletter to many recipients in HTML format via an intranet page. I am attaching the HTML file and associated images (.gif/.jpg&#039;s) using the newmail .AttachURL method. <BR><BR>This works like a dream for most recipients, but a couple have come back to me to say that the HTML message does not seem to be displaying correctly on the screen. There are a series of gif and jpg files attached at the bottom and a number of image insertions within the text, presumably the positions where the gif and jpg files are meant to be attached. <BR><BR>I have looked at the FAQs on sending HTML formatted emails via CDONTS, and one answer indicated that "not all mail clients will display this type of message properly". I wonder if anyone could tell me which mail clients would experience this problems with HTML formatted messages send via CDONTS, and why? Is there any way to get around this because it would be a shame not to be able to use this facility just because a minority of recipients are experienceing problems? <BR><BR>Any info would be a great help - thanks!

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    Some e-mail clients that don&#039;t support HTML emails are Lotus Notes, e-mail capabile phones and devices (Palm, BlackBerry) and older versions of Eudora.<BR><BR>I know ASPEmail, when you purchase the full copy allows you to send multipart (I think that&#039;s the term) e-mails. If a client can read HTML e-mails, it displays the HTML email. If a client can&#039;t, it displays the text version.<BR><BR>-Doug

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