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    I am using a Text File to maintain a Username Password.<BR>With the TextStream Object it appears you can only Read and<BR>Write to this using this i.e. you cannot delete a line of modify a line in the text file?<BR><BR>Any way around this?<BR>I realise Databases are mucg easier but I need to use text files.<BR><BR>Mc1

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    ...to read in the text file line by line, and modify them, then write the results back.<BR><BR>Or, you could try and use the ODBC driver for text files, in which case you may be able to actually use text files as databases. It won&#039;t be as fast, but it&#039;ll be OK if the situation is small. It&#039;ll also be faster than anything you can hash together using VBScript, I&#039;ll bet.<BR><BR>There are a couple of articles on 4guysfromrolla.com about doing that.<BR><BR>Craig.

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