My ASP app fires up MS Word & formats a doc using VBScript/HTML/CSS. It has a logo at the top of the page. Originally, the logo was brought in with an IMG tag, but when I subsequently sent the doc through PostScript conversion prior to PDF conversion (using VBA macro) I lost my logo. I then embedded an OBJECT (an OCX containing just the logo), thinking an embedded logo would become part of the .doc content. <BR><BR>This worked fine as far as preserving the logo from Word to PS to PDF, but when scrolling within my ASP-generated Word doc a copy of the logo travels down the page as long as I&#039;m scrolling. Upon release, the &#039;travelling&#039; logo disappears. This is not the end of the world, but I hope there&#039;s a way to freeze the logo so a copy doesn&#039;t move down the screen.<BR><BR>Second problem: the logo that is saved with the Word doc, and eventually with the PDF doc, displays and prints differently on two different machines. This is an intranet app; all users are running Win 2000 and Office 2000. An Atlanta tester gets a logo of reduced size with shading at the bottom and right side making the &#039;object&#039; the same size as the original bitmap file. My testing in Chicago shows the logo just the way I want it to, i.e. full size.<BR><BR>Any suggestions greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>JK