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    Default Date format dd/mm/yy

    is it possible to get date to be formatted in dd/mm/yy and if so how do you do it?

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    yes. dates are pretty tricky to work with until you have overcome how to handle the differences in the computers regional settings.<BR>in control panel goto regional settings and set region as us<BR>for mm/dd/yy or uk for dd/mm/yy. i like to convert my dates to eg. &#039;01 jan 2001&#039; when passing them to a database because this can only be enterpreted as one date.<BR>its not too tricky to write a function to do this conversion

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    Default Change locale, or do it manually.

    Change your regional settings on the server to one that uses that date format.<BR><BR>Or, you could simply:<BR>Dim dtDate<BR> dtDate = Date()<BR> dtDate = Day(dtDate) & "/" & Month(dtDate) & "/" & Year(dtDate)<BR><BR>If you want it padded w/ zeros then you would do:<BR> dtDate = Right("00" & Day(dtDate), 2) & "/" & Right("00" & Month(dtDate), 2) & "/" & Year(dtDate)<BR><BR>-Doug

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