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    I am facing a problem of memory leaks on my winnt/iis server after a few hours of working. <BR><BR>The processes that show the leak are inetinfo.exe and sometimes the sqlserver.exe and sometimes the mtx.exe<BR><BR>I can&#039t figure out where the bottleneck is.<BR><BR>Can someone help me out?

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    I not sure about this but my best guess is mtx.exe causes the whole leaking process. <BR><BR>mtx.exe is the thing that keeps the objects that is running. So it link to sqlserver.exe if it access the SQL server. It may well hit the inetinfo.exe as well (I am not too sure about this).<BR><BR>It is my guess so I&#039m not sure it helps

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    Make sure that you have all Service Packs installed. there were known memory leaks with many VB Functions, like FormatdatTime. these leaks were corrected via microsoft&#039s fixes.

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